now playing: kanye west “white dress”

Kanye and RZA connect again for The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack. You can stream the whole album on Okayplayer. When I first heard it I definitely got flashbacks to Late Registration with the lush beat and storytelling. What I respect about Ye as an artist is he’s constantly reinventing himself and refining a style that is distinctly his.

From Director DanTheMan’s website:

RZA & Bob Perry contacted me about creating visuals for this amazing song. The challenge was to complete this video in one night.I hardly post any personal pictures on Facebook, so I took this opportunity to share my experiences with the you. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well my material worked with the lyrics. Places visited (in order) – NYC, London, Japan, Shanghai, Thailand, Africa, Russia, Marrakesh, Italy, Honduras, Germany, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile.

This video is pure WANDERLUST. Who wouldn’t want that jet life?


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